You already know that your physical voice is intimately tied to your "inner voice". Do you want to learn to tap into your most supportive and authentic inner voice? 

 Are you ready to take a brave step into singing solo and want a safe environment and expert coaching? What a life-transforming experience it is to give yourself the freedom to sing.

The good news is that wherever you are in your singing ability right now, you can improve – and you can do so dramatically!
 Vocal Freedom
One-Day Immersion with Julie Blue
  • In this one-day singing adventure, you will:
  •  Anchor in Julie’s ‘Authentic Voice Technique’ to allow you to shift the messages of your ‘inner voice’. 
  •  Identify the 3 parts of your range and grow your ability to flow between them.
  •  Find the sweet spot of your range and how to pick a key to sing in.
  •  Experience singing different styles of music and discover your singing persona with professional accompaniment.
  •  Explore the terms pitch, phrasing, vibrato, resonance and dynamics. 
  •  Gain confidence singing into a microphone. 
  •  Be part of a healing and joy filled day designed for optimum growth, fun, and transformation.
“Once you've found your own voice, the choice to expand your influence and increase your contribution is the choice to inspire others to find their voice. In doing so, creativity, passion,
talent and motivation are unleashed.” - Stephen Covey
About Julie Blue

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. She received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh. She has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of people liberate their voices and express themselves with authenticity and confidence. Julie is a master vocal coach, life coach and skilled soul whisperer who shares her teachings with heart and humour.

Those who have experienced Julie Blue say...
Those who have experienced Julie Blue say...
“I love all the pieces – the music, the technical advice, the personal support, the singing and the creative exercises. Even with the size of the group I still felt like I got personal attention, support, and help."
        ~ Fran Water, Lawyer and Coach
“A day spent at Julie Blue’s workshop is better than 10 years in therapy. Julie provides a safe and sacred environment for each singer to explore their music and their life. Because of attending a few of Julie’s workshops I now get up and sing in public and even enjoy it."  
        ~ Sharon Thompson, Grandmother 
“We started where other workshops end up – being totally real with each other, because of this we went to a deep and meaningful place of connection, acceptance, learning and joy. I am more comfortable using my voice now than ever before!"
        ~ Leanne Ewen, Teacher
Vocal Freedom
One-Day Immersive with Julie Blue
REGISTER NOW  Sunday, March 29th 2020
at 10:00am - 5:00pm
Bridge & Enrich Lives Society  
718 East 20th Avenue, Vancouver
Investment: $185 + tax

If you have any questions or would like more info,
contact Julie Blue

When you change your voice you change your life. 
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