Designed for both women and men, this workshop was created to help entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders step into the power of their voice 
to confidently share their passion, product, or service with the world. 

Join Julie Blue on an enlivening journey of discovering, exploring and claiming ownership of your unique voice. To master anything takes practice, patience, support and enthusiasm. She will guide you each step of the way with professionalism, respect and humour. 

Are you ready to evolve into your next level of confidence,
contribution and visibility?
Your Radiant Message
One-Day Intensive with Julie Blue
Your voice is your instrument of influence; a key that opens the gateways of authenticity, presence and power. This unique training is for leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs - anyone who wants to step up and be heard.

Your voice contains the signature vibrations of who you are, and for your listeners it plays a big role in determining if they trust you, and believe you. This in turn influences how they will respond to your message, your product and to you. 

Everything you carry is expressed or repressed in your voice. Julie Blue’s 7 Keys to a Radiant Presence will help you step into your true voice with confidence and visibility.

Experience and explore Julie Blue's
7 Keys to a Radiant Presence
  • INTENTION:  By connecting on a vibrational level with your highest purpose and visualizing your desired outcome you become a magnet for what you are calling in to your life. 
  •  WARM-UP: Your whole body is your instrument. Cultivate your radiant voice with Julie’s ‘Authentic Voice Technique’. Learn warm ups designed to release held emotion and prepare you for sharing your message. With practice, this simple and effective tool can be done in one minute.
  •  PREPARATION: Clarify what you do and how you do it into a short message others can hear and feel. Express why it’s important to you and begin to develop your signature story.
  •  PRACTICE: Hone your message and story by sharing them with others. Receive feedback from the extraordinary group and personal coaching from Julie. Learn to practice your delivery like a fine musician rehearses their music.
  •  PRESENTATION KEYS: Discover how the musical terms - pitch, tempo, phrasing, dynamics, emotional tone, vocal tone and resonance – can bring out your most confident successful expression. You will learn the voice techniques that actors and radio announcers use. 
  •  PROJECTION: Learn how to express your authenticity and shine out your radiant presence so your voice and energy can fill up a room.
  •  IN THE NOW PRESENCE: This is your invitation to show up fully and share who you really are. You are set free into the moment of pure presence to express your essence.
“Once you've found your own voice, the choice to expand your influence and increase your contribution is the choice to inspire others to find their voice. In doing so, creativity, passion,
talent and motivation are unleashed.” - Stephen Covey
About Julie Blue

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. 

She received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh. She has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of people liberate their voices and express themselves with authenticity and confidence. Julie is a master vocal coach, life coach and skilled soul whisperer who shares her teachings with heart and humour.

Those who have experienced Julie Blue say...
Those who have experienced Julie Blue say...
“Working with Julie Blue for the past year on how to transform my speaking skills while managing intense emotions has been quite profound. While I love to sing and working with Julie was a natural fit, I would recommend working with her to any leader who wants to add more impact to their ability to reach their audience (whether they are a singer or not). She has found a way to take her years of international experience in composing, singing, directing and facilitation and to translate them into powerful practices for business leaders and their teams. Imagine being able to stay present through intense stress and nervousness in order to reach your audience in ways that touch them deeply and stay with them forever."
        ~ Tana Heminsley, MBA, PCC - Recipient of ICF Vancouver 2016 Coach Impact Award, Integral Coach (PCC), Facilitator, Mentor Coach, Author
“Julie brings a grounded technical voice coaching knowledge and a lot of fun to our events. I’ve seen her coach participants from being anxious and shy to a full confident presence. Through changing the voice the full expression changes.”   
        ~ Justin Livingston, Leader to Luminary Trainings 
“Julie’s magical, musical mastery, opened me to my full authentic self and gave me the voice to show up. Her grace allowed me to release my long lost soulful singing voice and inner rhythm. I’ve learned to speak in a way I can both be heard and hear others. I’m told I sound grounded, present, focused and easy to learn from. These are the Julie Blue tools that give me confidence as I take my message to the world currently teaching my Intimacy Therapy in the Middle East and more while preparing for my first TEDx! "
        ~ Amy Color, Intimacy Coach, International Trainer-Clinical Supervisor, Tedx Speaker
Your Radiant Message
One-Day Intensive with Julie Blue
Sunday, November 26 at 10:00am - 5:00pm
Bridge & Enrich Lives Society  
718 East 20th Avenue, Vancouver
$175 Introductory Offer + tax
If you have any questions or would like more info,
contact Julie Blue

When you change your voice you change your life. 
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